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Social Share – A game changer in online timber marketplace service

Posted By African Timber Team     October 1, 2014    


The internet and its associated technologies have changed the way of doing business. As a result it poses a plethora of challenges to business people. To be successful companies need a web presence, email address, autoresponder, social accounts, etc. to facilitate visitors and prospective clients finding their websites, and to interact with prospects and customers.  To build a website requires paying a web designer, hosting the site, training in-house staff how to use and maintain the website, subscribing to an annual maintenance service for technical matters or employing your own web designer, and training marketing staff to learn about internet marketing such as blogging, video marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management and marketing, and copywriting. This can be overwhelming and will divert your efforts away from building current business or spotting new opportunities.

We at understand the financial, technical and time requirements necessary to meet the challenges of doing business in the internet era. Thus, we have created an online marketplace that relieves you of the main challenges outlined above.

A great deal of African timber companies have registered at various online  marketplaces such as Alibaba, Fordaq, Global Wood, Timberweb, Wood Sourcing and Wood Market to get leads and prospects. offers you more benefits than any of the above-mentioned marketplaces. Ready? Let’s dive in to what sets apart and why you should consider taking advantage of its services.

5 Reasons to consider using African Timber marketplace

1) was created by Africans for Africa

The origin of an online timber marketplace for Africa stemmed from a study by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) in 2010. The Sustainable Forest Industry and Trade Organization (SFITO) and the Ghana Timber Millers’ Organization (GTMO) partnered to develop an intra-African timber trade project, which was approved and financed by ITTO and GTMO.

2) is powered by a social networking system

Unlike similar sites mentioned earlier, which are built upon a content management system (CMS), is built upon a social networking system (SNS) – the same platform Facebook uses. Let’s look at some key differences between CMS and SNS. The former focuses on content, and the latter on people. In your opinion, which is better? To help you answer correctly, recall the purpose of an online marketplace – to promote exchanges between people (buyers and sellers). For this reason, SNS is better than CMS.

3) promotes only African timber

There is no competition from non-tropical species or tropical species from non-African origin. You have a marketplace dedicated to promoting African timber and timber products within and outside of Africa. On, you are best placed to feature your products among other African sellers. This enormously facilitates searches for African timber and timber products.

4)    Owning a  website is no longer needed for small companies offers a ton of features. You can list your company in a directory. Your company will have home page like this: (where xxxxx = the unique name of your company). This URL can be mapped to your own custom domain, and you can get your own private email for your company. For example, suppose your URL with is, you can buy your own domain and have it mapped to so that prospects can find you using your own domain. With your own domain, you can also personalize the email addresses of your company. Instead of using, for example,, you can use

5) builds initial trust

Last, but certainly not least, builds trust between you and prospects. endeavors to be a trusted marketplace, so it will rigorously verify every company that registers on its marketplace. Thus, prospects will not worry about scammers and posers and can trust your business.

You have learned about the challenges in building and maintaining a web presence, and how African timber marketplace can remove some of the largest challenges, especially for small companies. This will allow you to concentrate on building your own business rather than becoming overwhelmed by technical hassles. Is your company already listed on If not, list your company on today; it is fast, easy and free!


Contributed by Ibrahim Favada and Meghan Woolley